Cordelia Cembrowicz’s practice is multi-disciplinary, using sculpture, printmaking processes, such as etching, silk screen and lithography, as well as drawing and community based projects. 

She was awarded MA in Fine Art Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 2010, and BA (Hons) Fine Art from University College Falmouth in 2006.  She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions including Bluecoat Display Centre, Northern Print Biennale, the Royal Academy Summer Show.   She makes work in response to a variety of subject matters such as  political expression, democracy and the power of the crowd, abjection, and the power of hormones.  

Previous projects include working with climate change protestors (feminist group Climate Rush making suffragette costumes, banners and protests, and printmaking tshirts at Climate Camp), cleaning the ears of 70 people, sculpting human teeth into miniature fairies, and working with people bereaved by suicide in conjunction with Survivors of Bereavement by Sucidie.  drawings of people forming the atomic structures of hormones (Oxytocin and Adrenalin) and etchings scenes of crowds of people.    

She lives and works in London