Climate Rush

A series of work made in collaboration with the environmental activist group Climate Rush. Seeing parallels between the suffragette movement 100 years ago and the need for climate action now the group orchestrate protests and campaigns around climate change.


Expanding on the aesthetics of the era of the suffragettes, the lithographs propose contemporary alternatives to the portraits of Alphonse Mucha. The activists embody values surpassing the passive, submissive women favoured in Mucha’s work. As well as a hand printed unique set of lithographic posters the images are made into 1000s of postcards, disseminated by the group. Each image combines a portrait of a protestor and symbolic depictions of a specific cause. Brenda focuses on Shell, the companies detrimental impact on the Niger Delta and international financial power.

Boudica (Deeds Not Words) Silkscreen Print 2010

Boudica (Deeds Not Words) is based upon a photograph taken during a Climate Rush protest.  Aligning the intentions of contemporary environmental protest and the women’s rights protests of the Suffragettes with historical figure of Boudicca, I climbed on the sculpture of Boudica and her Daughters by Thomas Thornycroft at Westminster Bridge.